Art Spaces

Zeitgeist 516 Hagan St
David Lusk Gallery 516 Hagan St
Mild Climate 507 Hagan St
Coop 507 Hagan St
Channel to Channel 507 Hagan St
ESPS 507 Hagan St

Julia Martin Gallery 444 Humphreys St
444 Pop-Up Gallery 444 Humphreys St
Fort Houston 500 Houston St
CG2 438 Houston St #158
abrasiveMedia 438 Houston St #257
Refinery Nashville 438 Houston St #263

Track One
Seedspace 1211 4th Ave S
Logan Wake Art Studio 1211 4th Ave S

North of Chestnut
Ground Floor Gallery 942 4th Ave S
Poverty and the Arts 1114 3rd Ave S
Sauvage Galerie 1114b 3rd Ave S
Closet Case Vintage 1117 3rd Ave S
Nashville Dry Goods 1117 3rd Ave S

Panel 1


Each month Wedgewood/Houston opens its doors for all Nashvillians to experience a free art and music walk. The walk begins at 6pm on the first Saturday of every month. Closing times vary from 8-11. Free parking is available throughout including lots at 516 Hagan St and 1211 4th Ave S.

Panel 2


Are you a gallery or artist run space in Wedgewood/Houston that would like to be part of the art crawl? Are you a business interested in sponsoring the art crawl?

All artist submissions should be made directly to galleries.